Bill Burr gets real with Dana Carvey and David Spade about cancel culture and 'SNL': Listen now

The comedian joined the duo on 'Fly on the Wall'
Bill Burr
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Comedian Bill Burr is known for his bold stand-up routines as well as standing up against cancel culture. The 54-year-old recently joined David Spade and Dana Carvey for an episode of the Fly on the Wall Podcast where the three comedians had an open conversation about it all.

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As their discussion turned to comedy surrounding the many sensitive topics of 2020, Burr shared his belief that the majority of fans appreciated comedic relief which led him to not worry about being “cancelled” and move forward unapologetically with his bold sense of humor.

“I’ve just sort of acted like none of that [cancel culture] was happening because [comedy], it’s my formula on how to get through this perceived difficult time [2020],” he shared. “There was a lot of bad s*** happening that needed to be addressed and like most of the time, when the cork flies off the bottle, there’s an over-correction and I think it’s starting to go back.”

While Burr clarifies he understands some big names getting the boot from the industry, he fails to believe the majority of the population are not willing to allow stars to learn from their mistakes.

“I don’t buy that certain people should never work again,” he said. “Like, this Weinstein s***, I understand that, but there’s people getting paroled out of jail every day and are allowed to put their f***ing lives back together.”

Hear more about the guys’ conversation surrounding cancel culture and more on a new episode of Fly On The Wall podcast, available now!

Spade and Carvey’s Fly On The Wall podcast takes listeners behind the scenes to reminisce the duo’s most memorable moments with some of their favorite friends. Each episode features never-before told stories surrounding their careers and how they made their way to SNL.

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