Blink-182 forced to cancel South America tour dates over Travis Barker injury

'Devastating on so many levels'
Travis Barker
Photo credit Ella Hovsepian/Getty Images

Blink-182 has been forced to cancel their South American tour after hard-hitting drummer, Travis Barker, broke his finger not once, but twice during tour rehearsals.

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“Travis needs to go in and get surgery on his finger and we have to get that well and we have to get that strong before we can do anything else,” Blink frontman Tom Delonge said in a video on social media sharing the South America tour has been cancelled. “This is just so sad.“

Barker shared his injury with fans In early February via Twitter with a graphic image stating he "smashed [his] finger so hard [he] dislocated it and tore the ligaments."

Just two weeks later, Travis shared he had doubled up on the injury with a photo on his Instagram story with the word, "again," written. The photo showed Barker’s bumpy, swollen, and bruised ring finger.

On February 20, Barker followed up with fans showing an X-Ray of the injury which lead many fans to suspect the tour might be cancelled. Those suspicions became somewhat facts today.

“I wanted to say I’m so sorry to everyone in South America that we couldn’t be down there,” said Delonge. “The pinnacle of our career was coming down and playing for you guys. I really want you all to know we are devastated… this is just devastating on so many levels.”

Tom ended on a positive note as he listed off some shows the band has planned to play in South America in 2024.

“We are coming… We’re going to get Travis better, we’re going to come down, the three of us together and we’re going to rock.”

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Ella Hovsepian/Getty Images