Doechii shares why she was destined for social media success

'I’m an internet baby'
By , Audacy

During a recent conversation with Bru, Audacy Launch artist Doechii discussed her relationship to social media, and how taking over TikTok with her various tracks has been pretty much inevitable.

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“I’m an internet baby… and before I even did music I was on YouTube, so I had like a lot of viral videos and stuff on YouTube and Vine and things like that," she explained. "So my relationship with social media goes so way back, so I’m kinda used to this… flow of how things work and how people react to music and things like that.”

“So yeah,” she continued, “I’m not super shocked, and especially - I got really good with TikTok recently. I used to not be on TikTok," Doechii admitted, adding having and idc attitude about it, “but now I get it,” she said about the app. “This is fun.”

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“I am honored and can’t thank Audacy enough for this opportunity,” she shared last month. “I have been so excited seeing the response to my record 'What It Is,' and I can’t wait for it to reach a larger audience.”

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