Dolly Parton makes meatloaf for Miley Cyrus when 'her defenses are down'

'We still eat that good ol' food like meatloaf'
Dolly Parton, Miley Cyrus
Photo credit Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

What could lift spirits better than a nice, big, Southern meal? A nice big, Southern meal cooked by Dolly Parton, of course! Lucky for Miley Cyrus, that’s an actual reality.

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Dolly Parton recently opened up to Country Insider and shared she’s cooked several tasty meals for Cyrus, the bulk of them featuring soul food like cornbread, fried chicken and meatloaf.

"Miley and I both love Southern food," Parton shared. "Like mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and a big ol' hunk of cornbread — making cornbread muffins or a big pan of it with the squares."

While Parton says it’s been some time since she’s cooked for Cyrus, the offer still stands whenever she may need a pick-me-up.

"Miley's trying to watch what she eats now — she's gone through a lot of phases of being vegetarian or being vegan or whatever," Parton said. "But in the earlier days, or when her defenses are down, we still eat that good ol' food like meatloaf."

According to Dolly, Cyrus makes a mean meatloaf herself…  she clearly learned from the best!

While Parton clearly cherishes a home-cooked meal, she’s not above a quick drive through Taco Bell, Burger joint or picking up donuts for breakfast.

"Oh, I love to get a good burger out on the highway and french fries like everybody else," she said. "And we go get hot doughnuts now and then. We love to just get out in that little camper of ours and drive through restaurants."

All of the above just confirms the many reasons the world adores Parton!

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images