Elle King celebrates debut Country album ‘Come Get Your Wife’: 'It’s what Country is to me’

‘I’m very proud of it’
Elle King
Photo credit Matthew Berinato

Elle King is putting her official stamp on Country music with the release of her debut, full-length album, Come Get Your Wife. Full of witty remarks and sassy sentiment, the project is confirmation the former Rock singer has found a forever home in Country music.

LISTEN NOW: Elle King joins Audacy’s Katie Neal to discuss her new album ‘Come Get Your Wife’

“I’ve made this record and I have this sound that I feel is mine and it’s what Country is to me and I’m very proud of it,” Elle shared with Audacy. “It kind of encompasses everything that I do, I just didn’t know Country was the road that was going to allow me to do all of it in one little gift wrapped box, with gold teeth.”

King has served as a breath of fresh air in the Country community since she first stepped in with the release of “Different for Girls,” a duet with Country favorite, Dierks Bentley. With a personality just as big as her talent, it was clear Elle felt right at home and continued to wow with her songwriting, talent and lovable quirks.

Seven years later, she has only solidified fan’s love for her genuine spirit and wacky ways — two things that shine like the gold on her teeth.

LISTEN NOW: Elle King takes us inside the songs of ‘Come Get Your Wife’

“Come get your wife is the title of my record ‘cause a jerk shouted it to my fiancé,” Elle enthusiastically shared of the inspiration for the project title. “I was like, ‘I’m not even married!’ But, he had it comin’,” she laughed before detailing some of the bold concepts on her album.

“It’s just funny, because I have blacked out a tattoo of someone’s name,” Elle said of the idea behind a track titled, “Blacked Out.” “BUT, a lot of people got my name tattoo’d on them. One guy did it twice,” she giggled.


Clearly not one to shy away from real-life inspiration, not every song has Elle’s signature “rough around the edges,” feel. King also gets vulnerable with the song “Lucky,” a nod to everything she feels blessed with in this life including her son, Lucky, who was her inspiration for the entire album.

“There’s a song called ‘Lucky’ that’s probably my most vulnerable song on the record, and it’s about my life and everything that’s brought me here and how I feel like I just got lucky,” she told Audacy’s Katie Neal. “I don’t know what I deserve in this life, but I feel like God has blessed me. My son’s name is also Lucky so there’s a lot in it and my life changed so much when I had him so, it’s cool.”


According to Elle, the blessings continue to spill over her life and right over this album as she called in a lot of “favors” from various professionals with experience creating hit Country albums.

“The amount of people that blessed and graced this record, the list is very, very, very long,” she said. “I feel very cool and especially grateful. A lot of asks that they should of said ‘No,’ but I can’t believe they said ‘Yes’… I called in all the favors I could for this.”

Hear Elle’s entire conversation with Audacy’s Katie Neal about her new album above and check out the new album, Come Get Your Wife, available now.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Matthew Berinato