Gabby Barrett on her second trimester symptoms and 'growing old' with Cade in her 'Pick Me Up’ video

'I felt like I was looking at Cade, like literally, sixty years from now'

Gabby Barrett may only be 22-years-old, but she’s already gotten a unique glimpse into the future as she and husband, Cade Foehner, played out an entire love story for her new “Pick Me Up,” music video.

LISTEN NOW: Gabby Barrett talks with Audacy's Katie Neal

Barrett joined us backstage before her performance on Wednesday at Audacy's Leading Ladies Live. “It was really fun,” Gabby told Audacy’s Katie Neal of getting to not only sing the song, but act it out with her husband of almost three years. “I remember the original idea for the music video kind of getting pitched and originally it was supposed to be other people acting out those parts and I was just going to do the performance scene through it, and I remember saying to everybody, I was like, ‘Me and Cade want to do the parts! We want to act out the parts!’”

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Gabby and Cade got full special-effects make-up for the occasion showing fans, and themselves, what they’ll look like 60 years from now.

“We got to kind of reenact a love story through all of our years, from young years to our old years and we had some special effects make-up for the old people scene — took about two hours to do,” she said. “It was really sweet, I felt like I was looking at Cade, like literally, sixty years from now.”

The couple has a lot to look forward to as they continue living out their love story, including baby #2, which Barrett announced is on the way with a special Mother’s Day post.

“My son,” she posted with a video of her ultrasound. “Another LIFE we get to love and cherish. Happy Mothers Day!”

According to Gabby, she is in her second trimester and doing fairly well with pregnancy symptoms.

“Fatigue and in and out nausea kind of gets me at the most random spots, but I’m good for the most part,” she said. “I’m in the second trimester now.”

Having a baby on board won’t stop Barrett from hitting the road this summer of Jason Aldean’s Rock N’ Roll Cowboy tour, kicking off in July and running through October.

“He’s got that rock ’n roll edge, which I love so much,” Gabby said of opening for Aldean. “I also was heavily influenced by that, so I think that something we connect to a lot.”

Find a full list of tour dates for Jason Aldean’s Rock N’ Roll Cowboy tour here, tickets are on sale now. Check out the full interview with Gabby Barrett above.

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