Jason Aldean responds to Zac Brown’s slap-fight challenge: 'How old are we?'

Did Zac find his slap-fight match?
Jason Aldean
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Last month, Zac Brown told Audacy’s Rob + Holly he wanted to take on Country superstar, Jason Aldean, in a slap-fight. Turns out the feeling isn’t mutual…

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“[What] the hell is a slap-fight, and how old are we? I’m confused,” Jason laughed when Rob + Holly told him about Zac’s challenge. “This is all news to me.”

He continued, “Zac and I are friends, but I mean, I’m not going to let him or anybody else just stand there and slap the crap outta me. Nah, I’m good on that.”

Hah! Sounds like Zac will have to find another, more-willing opponent to take his challenge. Any takers?

Now, on to something Jason is all about… the part one release of his double album, Macon. As his tenth studio album, there are many special pieces to the album, including it’s title, inspired by Jason’s hometown.

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Rob + Holly
Jason Aldean responds to Zac Brown's slap-fight challenge
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“With it being my tenth record, we wanted to do something that was different that we hadn’t done before,” Jason said, referring to all the new features on the album, including one-of-a-kind covers, live recordings and more.

“After ten albums, you gotta find different ways to get creative… We’ve never done a live record, we’ve never done a greatest hits record or anything like that so, to me, this is a double album, but it’s also kind of a live album and it’s also kind of a greatest hits record… It’s kind of all in one.”

Part two of Macon is slated to release April 2022, but until then, Jason has given fans plenty to listen to on part one with songs like, “Small Town Small,” “If I Didn't Love You,” and a cover of Bryan Adams’, “Heaven.”

“We cut 20 new tracks, and then we had 10 live tracks,” Jason said of the entire project. “Just kind of a way to incorporate all those things… [from] throughout my career.”

Macon is available everywhere now.

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