JAX gets candid about the pressure of inspiring young girls at Audacy's 'Leading Ladies

‘So much pressure’
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JAX isn’t afraid to blaze a trail for equality, self-expression, and acceptance with her music and young girls everywhere have taken notice.

LISTEN NOW: JAX opens up about the pressure of inspiring young girls

Ahead of her performance at Audacy’s Leading Ladies event on International Women’s Day, the 26-year-old opened up about what it means to her to be a role model for young women everywhere and some of the pressure that comes with.

“I got so lucky, I did not realize that all of a sudden we’d have like, young girls and their moms [be like] ‘you’re inspiring young girls,’” she told Audacy’s Karen Carson. “I’m like, ‘Oh, God, this is so much pressure.’”

The pressure is worth the reward for the “Victoria’s Secret,” singer who says the ultimate compliment is people using her songwriting to get through tough/awkward times.

“Then to have the girl dads come in that are trying to have awkward conversations with their teenage daughters and are like, ‘Thanks for singing about it so I didn’t have to have that conversation,’” she laughed. “[That’s] like, the dream as a songwriter.”

After the viral success of her song, “Victoria’s Secret,” singer-songwriter, JAX, is now at it again with another hard-hitting, feminist single we can’t get enough of. The 26-year-old has used her masterful songwriting and a Pop/Punk sound once again to write another empowering anthem for women all over titled, “Cinderella Snapped.”

“I’m not the first person to say the old version of princesses is a little outdated, but I wanted to re-write the princesses as if they had other priorities and stuff,” she said of the single.

Tackling two major companies in her first two singles, JAX wants to be clear her intent is not ill. She simply wants to raise awareness and provide women with relatable, confident and independent examples in the media.

“I had severe paranoia after ‘Victoria’s Secret’ because the intention was never to fight with a brand.,” she said. “It was more of a goofy metaphor and when they responded to it, I was like, ‘Oh, crap. This is where it’s gettin’ real.’”

“I do feel like Disney is going in a cool direction, I’ve seen some awesome [movies] like Frozen… I’m in the deep Reddit theories about Frozen being about mental health and stuff like that, mental health awareness.”

WATCH NOW: JAX opens up about the pressure of inspiring young girls


Hear more about JAX’s music and the example she continues to set for women everywhere by listening to her entire interview with Karen Carson above.

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