JAX inspired to tell ‘Victoria's Secret’ to make sure ‘kids do not end up where I am now’

‘I feel like it’s more of a responsibility’
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JAX isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.

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The TikTok star and “Victoria's Secret” songwriter, JAX, joined Audacy’s Bubba Show to talk her viral success and the responsibility she feels to tell the truth through her music to her 16.9 million+ followers.

“‘Victoria's Secret’ was a really, really personal song for me,” she shared. “It was inspired by pretty much the kids I babysit and some of the kids on this platform. Their parents reach out about their kids getting bullied — I guess I feel like it’s more of a responsibility.”

She continued, “I didn’t really feel like, personally, I was in a place to write it yet, like looking in the mirror. But I definitely felt like if I could plant a seed and use that new following to make sure those kids do not end up where I am now, I wanted to write it.”

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While the song is specifically about physical appearance and accepting bodies of all shapes and sizes, JAX makes it clear that she believes in embracing who you are much beyond just physical features. She believes TikTok is a great place to show off each individual’s authenticity.

“The difference between that platform [TikTok] and other platforms is that people are looking for authenticity,” she said. “I spent a lifetime pretending I was something I wasn’t because I had people in my creative industry telling me I needed to be sexier, more mysterious or this or that… there’s only one of me, there’s only one of you — just be authentic!”

She continued, “If you’re creative in any way, shape or form, I’d definitely encourage you to get on TikTok because its different than other apps in the sense that like, you can be in your bedroom and have no followers and your video can just blow up and your talent can get recognized.”

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