aespa is ready to show off ‘Better Things,’ during ‘amazing, great, hot, spicy’ live shows

The K-Pop girl group sits down with Bru

Following the release of their new English-language single, “Better Things,” K-Pop girl group, aespa, stopped by our studios for an Audacy Check In with Bru.

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The single, which released August 18, is the group’s second fully-English song and showcases a different sound from the group consisting of KarinaGiselleWinter and Ningning.

“To be able to showcase our second, full-English single — we’re super excited,” said Giselle. “And because it has a different color, a different style than what we usually do, we’re very curious what the fans will think.”

Along with the release of the song came the music video which the group shared is equally as important to them as the music. “We believe that music videos really go hand-in-hand with K-Pop music because it’s not only about the song that you listen to, but it’s also your choreography [and] visuals,” explained Giselle. “That is all super important in K-Pop, so we definitely put a lot of thought into what this video looks like and how it’s portraying our music.”

Something else the girls have put a lot of thought into is their 2023 'SYNK : Hyper Line' World Tour, where they’ll bring fans “Better Things,” live for the first time. Described by Karina as, “amazing, great, hot, spicy,” the live show is one fans surely won’t want to miss.

“We not only prepare for the concert,” said Winter, who shared the group is working on many other things while rehearsing for their shows. “We try to focus, learn and memorize as much as possible in the given amount of time. It’s true we tend to have high expectations and at times are not satisfied… but in the end, after rehearsals, when we meet our fans on stage, everything just pays off.”

“We’ve actually been on our tour in Asia and we’re starting off our U.S. tour here and from now forward, we’re going to be performing our new English single, 'Better Things,'” shared Giselle. “We’re super excited to show you guys that.”

As for what’s next for this girl group, they shyly hinted at new music telling Bru, “it is a secret.”

“It is kind of a secret,” said Giselle. “But a new album,” she responded alongside Ningning, when asked what they’re currently working on.

Hear more about what’s to come and what the group still has on their bucket list by checking out our full interview with aespa above.

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