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'I feel like I might be the love song guy, and that's OK... and Imma be doin' it 'til the day I die'
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With us for a special Audacy Listening Party from the Hard Rock Hotel in New York City is Country star Russell Dickerson as we celebrate his brand new 2022 self-titled release.

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Russell Dickerson’s third studio album is out now, taking fans on a "quasi-chronological adventure" with 15 new tracks all written by Dickerson himself, telling his story from past to present and featuring touching lyrics based on some of his most cherished memories so far. “With this album, we pulled out all the stops, nothing is off limits," Russell told us earlier this year. From his latest single "She Likes It" featuring Jake Scott, to the decision to feature his two-year-old son Remington on the very last track, “Just Like Your Mama” -- "It’s so magical, it makes me cry every time,” said RD.

At the jump, our Audacy Listening Party host Sabrina From Queens asked Russell perhaps the most important question: How does it feel to finally have the album in fan's hands after sitting on the finished product for months?

"It feels amazing," Russell says with a sigh of relief. "It feels so good, just because I was so confident in my song choice, so confident in the recording process, and so confident in my choice of producers. My last two albums were me and Casey Brown, and then the second album was me, Casey Brown, and [Dan] Huff... like three people max involved. This one was seven different producers; that's almost two songs each. And just how cohesive this thing turned out with that many producers, and how just 'me' every song is, I was just like, 'I don't care what an album needs, I am only picking my favorite 15 songs. If I don't love the song, it ain't going on there.'"

"That's for you guys," Russell says, addressing his fans in the audience. "I feel like, If I love it, I hope you guys love it." However, as deliberate as Russell was in telling his story on the record, he admits, "I didn't want to overthink this album... I picked my favorite 15 songs and then I pieced them all together to tell a story."

Previewing the record, Russell explains, "It starts with 'Blame It On Being Young,' which is about being 16... all the dumb stuff we used to do, to all the way to the last song on the album [which] is becoming a dad. So 17 to becoming a dad; everything in there is life that happens in between. Me and my wife broke up in college: 'I Wonder.' After you go to college and all your friends get back for the summer: 'Beers To The Summer.' Me and my wife, newlyweds making out in public, squeezy booty.... sorry! Song number 2: 'Sorry.' It's all of the life that happens in between -- and I think it's certified bangers, top to bottom."

It seems writing love songs is where Russell's heart is most comfortable, and he's more than happy to embrace and fill that role. "Dudes aren't doing that, I don't think," he says. "I don't think they're doing that in Country music. It's like, 'whiskey, whiskey, whiskey, break up, sad, sad, sad,' you know? I mean, all the love for that but, I feel like I might be the love song guy, and that's OK... and Imma be doin' it 'til the day I die!"

'Russell Dickerson' tracklist:

1. "Blame It on Being Young"
2. "Sorry"
3. "She Likes It" Feat. Jake Scott
4. "I Still Believe"
5. "Big Wheels"
6. "I Remember"
7. "I Wonder"
8. "God Gave Me a Girl"
9. "All the Same Friends"
10. "Beers to the Summer"
11. "She’s Why"
12. "18"
13. "Over and Over"
14. "Drink to This"
15. "Just Like Your Mama"

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