Kanye West made some changes to 'Donda,' removing Chris Brown entirely… and more

After replacing some features and tweaking a few mixes, 'Donda' is brand new... well kinda
Kanye West
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Earlier today we were just minding our own business, just trying to get our daily dose of ‘Donda,’ when we noticed that overnight Kanye West made some considerable changes to a few of the tracks.

Whether methodically planned out or just Kanye being Kanye, the chatter over the changes started making waves around the same time Netflix dropped a "first look" at its Kanye West three-part documentary seriesJEEN-YUHS, which is set to release sometime in 2022. So there's that.

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The updated version sees the removal of KayCyy on “Keep My Spirit Alive and Chris Brown from “New Again” — replaced with the Sunday Service Choir.

As Twitter user @PhotosOfKanye pointed out additional changes also include the mixing of various tracks including "God Breathed,” "Come to Life" and "Jail Pt 2." As well as some added bass on "Junya," "Junya Pt. 2," and "Praise God." As well as some added bass on “Junya.” Plus a few other mixing changes that aren’t entirely different from the original, but substantial enough they warranted an entire re-upload of the project.

Safe to say Breezy won’t be happy about these sudden changes based on his previous reaction about originally being left off, and then only being featured on the song's chorus. Remember? He was quite vocal about it, taking to his IG story to air his grievances, writing, “Kanye a whole h**." And even though he later deleted it, his stance on the matter still stood. Just replacing it with another IG story, that instead read "Nah he tweakin’.”

Guess even after Ye finally released the album, he still wasn't finished. What a shock — said absolutely no one. As for the reasoning for the sudden changes, Kanye has yet to publicly provide any. And let's be real, he's probably not going to.

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