Kelly Clarkson says nothing is 'more beautiful' than kids learning to pay attention to how they feel

'Things they do, I never did as a kid'
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During a recent conversation with Audacy, Kelly Clarkson discussed the importance of mental health and the discussion around it, especially when it comes to the younger generations.

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Opening up the discussion by noting that while some lingering stigmas regarding talking about mental health do still exist, having open and honest conversations have become much more of a norm since Kelly was a young kid. Expressing “it’s such a logical thing, to be able to able to express yourself” and “to teach kids at a very young age.”

Noting, “we all grew up so differently,” recognizing that some might have grown up not feeling as comfortable “to express ourselves or really say how were feeling.” Kelly shared, “ I think it’s just a really cool thing that my little girl or my little boy will walk in the room and be like ‘look, I’m feeling angry right now, and I don’t know why,’ or ‘look, I’m feeling hurt right now, or this hurt my feelings.’"

She continued, “things they do, I never did as a kid, and they’re just so advanced for where I was at their age, and I just think there’s nothing more beautiful than someone learning at a very young age how to express themselves and to actually pay attention to how they’re feeling.”

Kelly went on to say, “mental health is such an important thing, and I think the biggest thing, and this might not be what everybody wants to talk about but - a lot of that has to do with what we’re putting in our bodies and what we’re doing to the environment. And I think people are now starting to listen to that because they’re starting to notice what we’re doing is really effecting us and our mental health.”

As her closing thought, Kelly brought it full circle — to simply keep the conversation open — saying, “I think we just need to look out for each other more, and just ask… ask how someone’s day is going, or how they’re really feeling… I just think it’s important to always have the conversation and to make sure people feel like it's possible to express themselves in a safe environment.”

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