Listen to the Unbelievable Isolated Drums From Neil Peart of Rush

The sheer power of his drumming will send shivers down your spine

His talents were on full display every time you queued up a Rush track, but get ready to hear Neil Peart like you’ve never heard him before.

The late musician is one of the greatest drummers of all time and his work served as an influence to many. It’s a treat when you get to hear him behind the kit, but even more so when his instrument is brought to the forefront.

That’s the case in this video isolating Peart’s drumming on the classic Rush track “2112.” A YouTube video showcasing 15 minutes of Peart’s drumming on the 20-minute Rush opus will send shivers down your spine as it showcases the sheer power of his drumming abilities.

It goes without saying that it’s an impossible task to replace Peart on the drums. For his Rush bandmates, replacement is out of the question as it stretches far beyond music.

Guitarist Alex Lifeson was a recent guest on WFAN’s Talkin’ Golf show and revealed it’s been difficult for him to find the inspiration to play his guitar after Peart’s death.

“After Neil passed in January, I've played very little guitar. I don't feel inspired and motivated. It was the same thing when [Neil's] daughter died in a car accident in 1997; I didn't really play for about a year. And I just don't feel it in my heart right now,” he said.

“Every time I pick up a guitar, I just aimlessly kind of mess around with it and put it down after 10 minutes. Normally, I would pick up a guitar and I would play for a couple of hours without even being aware that I'm spending that much time,” Lifeson added.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)