Miranda Lambert on being a female trailblazer, and her sisterhood with fellow female artists

'I just hope that I have made decisions that will open doors for other female singer-songwriters down the line'

Upon the release of her new album Palomino, available now, there’s no doubt Miranda Lambert has made a huge impact on Country music and been a large part of blazing a trail for more female-representation in a male-dominated genre.

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“I just hope that I have made decisions that will open doors for other female singer-songwriters down the line,” Lambert expressed to Audacy. “I think taking risk and being genuine in your art and who you are is sometimes the longer road, but I hope that [I] paved or blazed a little bit of a trail for younger female artists-to-be a little more brave about who they are and not shy away from it.”

Miranda credits the females that came before her for encouraging her to stay true to herself and feel inspired to keep fighting for herself even when times got tough.

“There’s so many trailblazers in Country music that I’ve watched and looked up to and tried to take notes from.,” she said. “The one that sticks out the most is Dolly [Parton] because of all the aspects she covers.”

Miranda continued, “She’s an incredible songwriter and singer, but then there’s just larger-than-life other stuff around her. It’s a presence and it’s a drive. I don’t know what kind of fairy dust was sprinkled on her but it’s just when she walks in a room, it changes the whole room. She’s always used her platform for good and to bring joy.”

Miranda plans on continuing to support her fellow female artists who she cherishes creating a strong sisterhood with, especially while on the road. “I’ve done quite a few all-female tours and there’s just something a little more special about the sisterhood that happens because we respect and appreciate each other so much out there and everybody watches everybody’s show and we sing together and it feels bigger than us.”

Miranda’s 8th studio album, Palomino, is available now! Watch our full talk with Miranda Lambert above.

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