Neil Patrick Harris Reveals ‘Big Indicator’ That Made Him Realize He and His Family Had COVID-19

Neil Patrick Harris may have picked up a thing or two in his “Doogie Howser” days.

The “How I Met Your Mother” star, 47, recently opened up about how he and his family contracted COVID-19 earlier this year, and how he identified the revealing symptom after initially thinking they had come down with the flu.

"It happened very early, like late March, early April," Harris told NBC.

"We were doing our best before, and I thought I had the flu, and I didn't want to be paranoid about it," the actor continued.

"And then I lost my sense of taste and smell, which was a big indicator, so we holed up,” he added.

The actor explained that while the experience “was not pleasant” for him, his husband David Burtka, and their twins Gideon and Harper, both 9, the family came out the other end of the diagnosis in full health.

“We feel great,” he said, providing an update on the family’s current status.

“We got through it and have antibodies and are feeling good,” he added.

Harris also said his experience with the novel coronavirus was eye-opening in revealing the true severity of the virus.

"We want to make sure everyone's doing their best to slow this down every way possible, for sure," he said.

Harris isn’t the first celebrity to retroactively open up about contracting coronavirus.

Earlier this month, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took to Instagram, revealing that he and his family recovered after having previously tested positive for COVID-19.

Antonio Banderas rang in his 60th birthday letting fans know that he had the virus. He has since recovered.

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