Niko Moon says he hit rock bottom after getting upstaged by a gumball machine

‘Damn. I got beat out by gum'
Niko Moon
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Niko Moon is Country’s resident “happy guy.” With lyrics reflecting his optimistic mentality and a constant buzz of fresh energy, it’s hard to believe he’s ever sad, or that anyone could find him less entertaining than a gumball machine. Allow us to explain.

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Niko shared with Audacy’s Rob + Holly that he had a rough start to music as it never came naturally to him. While he put in the work and held his chin high, he ultimately hit rock bottom at a gig one night when a listener was more entertained by a gumball machine that Niko’s set.

“You know sometimes when you go into a restaurant, and you walk into like, a little room in-between the double doors and there’s like some newspapers or something?” Niko explained, “That’s where he [the manager] set me up… Worst gig ever!”

As if being jammed into the small, awkward area wasn’t bad enough, Niko got the wake up call he never wanted when a little boy approached him.

“This kid walks up, about an hour into the gig,” Niko shared. “He’s looking at me… he’s like a shining light of hope… he’s watching me. I lean down to him like, ‘How’s it goin’ little buddy? You want me to play a song?’”

“He’s like, ‘Oh, no… I just want some gum.’ I realized I’d been sitting in front of a gumball machine.” OUCH!

“That’s when I hit my all-time-low because I was like, ‘Damn. I got beat out by gum.’”

The 39-year-old has come leaps and bounds from that moment when he seriously considered quitting music, but he makes sure to remind himself of tougher days with a special fixture in his recording studio.

“In my recording studio in Nashville, where I make all my music right next to my recording console, I got a gumball machine,” Niko laughs.

“I love looking at that when I’m in the studio just to remind me of that moment and the fact that I didn’t give up because I was so close to wanting to give up.”

Moon hopes his story will inspire others who are currently in the “beat out by gum” stage of life…

“Anybody who’s listening right now and you love what you do, but it might seem like you’ve been doing it for a while and you’re not where you think you should be,  Don’t give up,” he preached. “Keep going.”

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