Sam Hunt on horsin' around as a kid: Snowball, Jiggalo and Hunt's horse riding past

This isn’t Sam Hunt’s first rodeo

As an avid fan of extra long white tees and Reeboks, Sam Hunt doesn’t quite strike us as the “horse riding type,” but boy do we stand corrected.

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The Cedartown, GA native recently shared his memories of riding and showing horses when he was younger and the desire he had to become a bull rider.

“Every day after school I would go to a babysitter in elementary school and they had horses,” Sam told Audacy’s Rob + Holly.

“I started riding and showing horses with them… I would ride in some of the shows and I got a horse when I was probably 10,” he recalled. “A Mustang named Comanche, and then I had a paint horse named Snowball and I had another horse named Jiggalo, which I didn’t name,” Hunt said while laughing.

Falling in love with the horses was just the beginning for 7 year-old Hunt, who continued to broaden his horizons exploring other farm sports and activities, including bull riding.

“We had goats and calves, I wanted to get into bull riding, so we had some steers out at the cabin,” he said. “I had spurs and the whole thing. I wanted to rodeo when I got older.” OK, Sam Hunt… leave some talent for the rest of us!

Needless to say, the rodeo dream didn’t work out for Hunt, who later explored a career in professional football, but ultimately rose to fame as a singer-songwriter.

Check out Rob + Holly’s full interview with Hunt above to hear why he likes wearing bathing suits, who his favorite new artists are, and when we can expect new music.

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