Sam Hunt's song, ‘Body Like A Back Road,’ almost didn’t see the light of day

Find out why!

Sam Hunt’s “Body Like A Backroad” is a staple in modern-day Country music. After a record-breaking run on the charts, it’s painful to know the historic song almost never was!

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Hunt recently shared the tune was released more out of necessity for new music than anything else. After receiving pushback about the song from trusted family and friends, Sam had no other songs in the can and released it in order to best prepare for tour.

“Honestly, that was at a time when I was going on a tour,” Sam told Audacy’s Katie Neal of “Body Like A Backroad,” which released in 2017. “I hadn’t really worked on any new music, but we needed to put out new music if we were going to tour and that [“Body Like A Backroad”] was honestly just like one of the only songs I had written."

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He continued, “I was like, ‘Well, I got this song, we could just put this out… it’s about the only option,’” he laughed.

The song absolutely dominated the Country music world and Sam admits its unpredicted success has confused him more than ever.

“It’s really messed my head up now because I’m like, ‘OK, I don’t know anything,'” he chuckled, saying it was unlike him to go against the advice of family and friends.

“What I’m trying to avoid is getting outside of my lane too much,” Sam explained when talking about the individuals he trusts to give him opinions on new music. “So, if there’s a song that they’re like ‘No, that’s not you… The you that we know wouldn’t say that,’ [I trust them]. Sometimes I can’t see myself as well as the can.”

While trusted opinions took a back seat with “Body Like A Backroad,” Sam says he definitely plans on leaning on family approval with his next album which he hopes to release sooner rather than later.

“I’m afraid to say too much because it’s hard to predict,” Sam said in terms of the release date of his next project. “It has been a productive year and a half in terms of trying to write new music… I’m trying to, in the Spring, get the album finished and hopefully we’ll have another single to follow up ’23.’

“23” is Sam’s current single and the first song he wrote for the new album which he says is all about “real adulthood.”

“It’s the next step past that youthful, carefree, ‘it’s all going to work out one day” kind of attitude,” he said of the inspiration behind the album. “This is kind of like that step into real adulthood.”

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