Scotty McCreery opens up about the adjustments to being a touring Dad: ‘There’s diapers everywhere’

'I don’t know if I knew what to expect'
Scotty McCreery
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After welcoming his first child last October with wife, Gabi, road life looks a little different for former American Idol winner and Country music artist, Scotty McCreery.

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The North Carolina native recently joined Audacy’s Katie Neal during the Superstar Power Hour and shared his fatherhood experience thus far and opened up about what it’s really been like taking his newborn on the road with Brooks & Dunn.

“Everything is an adjustment,” he laughed. “There’s diapers everywhere, there’s bottles everywhere, toys are being thrown around, [I’m] steppin’ on little Legos or whatever. But for me, the craziest thing is like, we’re on the Brooks & Dunn [tour] with 17 to 20,000 people every night [and] I get done singing — its great and everything, people are yelling’ — then it’s like immediately you get back to the bus, warm a bottle turn the lights off, sound machine on, get the baby ready for bed immediately.”

While McCreery admits he didn’t know exactly what to expect as a Dad, he’s been enjoying every moment of it — even the moments he thought he wouldn’t be able to stomach. AKA changing diapers.

“I don’t know if I knew what to expect, I just kind of went into it blind. Like, 'OK, here we go!’” he said. “I didn’t think I’d be OK with dirty diapers, like really, really dirty diapers — I’ve got a pretty sensitive nose here — but, it hasn’t bothered me too bad. I’m OK with it.”

He continued, “I’ve just kind of followed Gabi’s [wife’s] lead, she was a pediatric nurse — and still is — so anything that goes wrong, or anything that happens and I’m like, ‘What do I do here?’ I’m just following the leader.”

While life on the road has been the most prominent change as of now, Scotty says he’s also noticed changes in other parts of career since becoming a father. For example, his songwriting. According to the 29-year-old — who is currently in the studio working on his next album — there’s a good share of baby-inspired songs to come.

“I think that I’ve found what works for me and what I’m doing is pretty autobiographical stuff and writing about life,” McCreery said before detailing what fans can expect from his next project.

“Obviously, there will be baby songs on this record, but there will be other stuff too. It’s Country. Our steel guitar player, Mike Johnson, got in the studio with us and he’s like, ‘Man, I actually get to play Country music this week!’ He was lovin’ it and I love singin’ that stuff, so hopefully folks are ready for a good dose of country music.”

Hear more about Scotty’s forthcoming new album, life on the road and that award moment with Jack Black on American Idol by checking out his full conversation with Katie Neal above.

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