Shania Twain shares body image struggles and how a nude photo shoot changed her perspective

‘I’m going to get in front of the camera, get in front of the lights and relax into my own skin’
Shania Twain
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Shania Twain’s music is a pure dose of confidence, empowerment, and self-love for many, and according to the Country queen it’s all a product of overcoming her own insecurities.

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Stage fright, body insecurity, and fear of judgement have been just a few of the hurdles Twain has overcome in her career, and while she’s recently found herself on a solid foundation of self-acceptance, it took a lot for her to get there.

“I had terrible stage fright all through my childhood [and] up,” Twain told Audacy’s Rob + Holly. “I had body image insecurities but I still went out there and I did it anyway… I’ve always been somebody to really push through my fears.”

While Twain admits she’s no stranger to pushing through fear, she realized pushing through could only get her so far.

“I was getting good at working through my fears, but I really wasn’t solving any of them,” she shared. “In the last couple of years I just thought… ‘it’s time to get in there and change that, change the perspective.’”

Twain says she went all in to face her biggest hurdle of body image and bared all by scheduling a nude photo shoot.

“[I know] I’m already good at expressing what I want to say because I’ve got music to do it [and] I’ve got videos to enjoy fashion… But when I look in the mirror and I go, ‘gee, I hate this about myself, I hate that about myself,’ and I’m 57, I’m going ‘geez, this is something you have really not worked through yet,' so I’m like ‘OK, I’m going to do a naked photo shoot.’”

She continued, “‘I’m going to jump in head first, I’m going to get in front of the camera, get in front of the lights and relax into my own skin and I’ve never seen my body the same again since. It really worked. I stepped into my own skin… I [have] a whole new mental state of mind.”

The new state of mind directly translated into Twain’s latest album, Queen of Me, which explores the ideas of confidence and self-reliance.

“‘Queen of Me’ means I rely on myself to pick up my spirits — that’s true independence,” she expressed. “You don’t rely on somebody else for that.”

The album has further secured Shania’s sacred spot in Country music as a way-maker, activist and ally, and she’s now more in tune than ever to who she is, but also who she allows to have influence over her.

“I care more now, with maturity, about my influence on others than I ever did,” she shared. “I care more about who and what influences me now. I’m more protective of myself. I’ve defined more of who I am and I defend it, I’m secure in it.”

Hear more from Shania and her outlook as well as her Queen of Me album and what she thought the first time she saw someone dressed as her by listening to her full conversation with Rob + Holly above.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images