The HU say new music is on the way and dig into their Metallica ‘Blacklist’ contribution

Enjoy a conversation with one of the most fascinating bands in Rock

Mongolian rockers The HU have spent their entire lives honing their sound. Even though they only formed a few years ago, it’s been in the works since their childhood.

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For new listeners, the first thing they’ll notice is the use of traditional Mongolian instrumentation as well as the use of Mongolian throat singing in their music. While their music contains many Rock and Metal elements, The HU are proud to be able to incorporate the traditional sounds of their homeland to share with the world.

“We’re so proud of ourselves and so grateful to share our culture with the world,” they told Audacy’s Taryn Daly. That includes throat singing, an art which they’ve been practicing from the time they were kids. “It’s a very hard art to master,” they said. “It takes time and a lot of hard work. You start at a young age.”

Each member of The HU has been hard at work honing their craft their entire lives. “Every one of us went to music school from a young age and put in years and years of hard work,” they said. Their families have been supporting them since the very beginning, but now that they’ve gained international acclaim it’s an extra special feeling. “They know we’ve worked so hard for this. Everybody’s happy for us and what we’ve accomplished. We get a lot of support from them,” they said.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced The HU to halt their travels and head back home. Despite the circumstances, they made the best of it.  “During the pandemic we were home and weren’t able to tour, but were able to work on our second album,” they said.

“Right before we left for this tour, we finished up the recordings and there will be so many great songs because we had time to perfect the song we were looking for. Hopefully you’ll be able to hear it soon.”

As The HU gets back on the road again, they’re bringing along a new song to their set that fans will likely recognize. Their cover of Metallica. “From such a young age, we’ve loved Metallica,” they told Daly. “When we started the band and began doing interviews, people would ask ‘what’s your dream tour?’ We always said Metallica.”

The HU had a full circle moment when they were selected as one of the artists to contribute a cover on Metallica’s Blacklist project, a 53-song set of covers celebrating the Black Album. The HU lended their hand with a cover of “Through The Never.”

How did the end up as part of the Blacklist project? Well, sometimes you just have to dream. “When you dream and want something so hard, the universe makes it happen,” they said. “That’s how we were able to be a part of the Blacklist and are honored to be a part with Metallica.”

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