Trip Out With The Weeknd and Calvin Harris on 'Over Now'

The duo produces a funky song with mind bending sights
By , Audacy

The Weeknd and Calvin Harris are here to take you away from quarantine boredom and embark on a psychedelic joyride with their latest single “Over Now.”

The funky R&B hook is a river of rhythm, flowing through the video’s chromatic colored cityscape, sky burning with stokes of crimson blush. At times the video’s half-baked software aesthetic seems like a computer programmer’s fever dream, still buffering to create a loop of unsettling graphic motion.

Other ethereal images include sprouting mushrooms, glossy palm trees and a chromed-out dancing version of The Weeknd found in the “Accessories” section of Anthropologie.

Both artists have been teasing the track’s release for week, with cryptic social media posts the sent fans into an investigative frenzy. The Weeknd posted an image of him and the Scottish producer clutching red Solo cups full of creative juice. The artist’s cryptic caption read, "Don't get too confused..."

That same day, Calvin posted a sample of the track on his Instagram story.

The Weeknd also took TikTok viewers to another dimension "on an epic After Hours journey" for the app’s first-ever interactive augmented reality livestream broadcast. The virtual performance spanned 20 minutes and featured state-of-the-art 3D visuals and interactive voting, allowing an audience of over 230,000 to choose certain outcomes. Throughout the set, viewers watched from an audience perspective and had a say in which songs The Weeknd would play.

Ever the entrepreneur, he also offered fans memorabilia for the event, with all proceeds benefiting the Equal Justice Initiative, on The Weeknd’s website.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Harper's BAZAAR