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The new single 'Light Switch' is now available everywhere
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Just as he debuted his brand new single, “Light Switch,” Charlie Puth joined us for our first Audacy Check In of 2022!

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Puth filled us in on what we can expect from his new era of music and shared candid details about his upcoming project. The “Girlfriend” singer shared that his new song “used to be completely different. It used to be a very depressing slow ballad.”

The crooner notes that initially the song was based around him wishing he could “turn his brain off” the same way we turn lights off with a light switch. However, he quickly pivoted in the opposite direction, opting for “the fastest song the radio has ever heard.” Plus, now the song is all about “being turned on…” hence the light switch motif.

In terms of the music video that goes hand-in-hand with the track, Charlie tells us that he continued to play on the idea of the “unexpected.”

"The way the song came about was so unexpected, that I had to do a video that was also unexpected. I can’t just look nice on camera and sing the song. It needs to be me getting in shape and becoming what I think is the best version of myself… unbeknownst to me that the version that I was before was just fine.”

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Charlie Puth | Audacy Check In | January 20, 2022
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With a new album that is already completed, Puth revealed that “Light Switch,” “is by far the most exciting, happy, uppity, lyrical piece. The rest of the album is what I went through in the years 2018-2020.”

With the promise of an upcoming project, Charlie asserts that there is no “reinventing” himself going forward. “From this point out I’m just going to be myself, as corny as that sounds,” explained the artist. He added, “the creative direction is just me.”

Alongside completing his own project, Puth worked with Elton John for a track on the icon’s The Lockdown Sessions album. While forging a relationship with the famed “Rocket Man,” Charlie revealed that “Elton John is brutally honest about music that I put out in the past.”

He continued, “He was like ‘those songs you put out in 2019 were not good.’ And I was like ‘I agree with you. They were not good. I was working with too many people and I was losing myself.’”

Ultimately, the singer admired that John was upfront about his work. While receiving input from Elton, the two collaborators discovered that they live next door to one another. During their collaboration, Puth encouraged Elton to release a brand new project and told him that “the world was ready for another Elton John album.”

Watch Charlie’s full Audacy Check In above. “Light Switch” is out everywhere, now!

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