Jason Aldean says he’s the happiest he’s ever been upon the release of his double album

'If it all goes away tomorrow, then I’m happy'
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Country superstar, Jason Aldean checked in with Audacy’s Heather Froglear to fill us in on everything surrounding the release of GEORGIA, the second part of his double album following last year's MACON. Thought by many to be his best album yet, Jason humbly agrees as he shares it’s the result of a lot of work, vulnerability and new concepts.

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“This being my 10th studio album, we wanted to do something that we obviously hadn’t done before,” Jason shared. “One was a double album, we [also] never put out a greatest hits album or a live album, so we kind of were able to incorporate all those things into this double album and just kind of do something different and cool that we haven’t done.”

While the newly-released second part features songs that fit Jason’s rocker-style like “Rock And Roll Cowboy,” and “Trouble With A Heartbreak,” there’s also some songs that took Jason out of his comfort zone. One of those songs being, “Your Mama.”

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Making clear it has nothing to do with “Your Mama” jokes, Jason says the song is a letter to his one and only son, Memphis (4), and shows a side of himself he’s not used to sharing with fans.

“That song is probably the most personal song I’ve ever put on an album,” Jason admitted. “It’s so unlike anything I would normally cut… Normally I would never cut a song like that but that particular song was — I cut it more for my son.”

He continued, “I have three daughters who I love dearly, but I have one little boy — he’s four years old — and it was basically kind of a letter to him about how lucky we are to have his mama, which is my wife… It was more something I just wanted to do for him and that’s why I cut it.”

Showing a more vulnerable side of himself might be a direct result of Jason being the happiest he’s ever been as he claims his career, family life and more are all balanced in a way like never before and serving up all the happiness.

“You know, if it all goes away tomorrow, I feel like I’ve already accomplished more than I ever set out to do or thought that I would do in this business. If it all goes away tomorrow, then I’m happy.”

“I’m at a point where I get to do what I want,” Jason said, sharing he’s also spent time opening his own label and acting as a producer. “I’m always going to make records and tour as long as I feel like people want to come out and hear what we’re doin’ or are interested in what I’ve got goin’ on.”

He concluded, “If that ever stops, then maybe I’ll focus on the producing and the label side of it or publishing side or whatever, but it’s just kind of that cool point for me right now.”

There's no doubt that fans are still interested in seeing Jason on the road as excitement surrounding his Rock And Roll Cowboy Tour, kicking off in July continues to grow. Along for the trek will be Gabby Barrett and John Morgan, who is signed to Jason's label, Macon Music.

Both parts of Jason’s 10th double studio album MACON, GEORGIA are available now.

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