Kane Brown makes his ‘Grand’ entrance to Pop with new single

Kane's new Pop single, 'Grand,' is available now

Country-crossover star, Kane Brown is taking a walk on the Pop side with the release of a new single, “Grand,” available now.

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While the song isn’t exactly Brown’s first trip to the Pop side, it is his first time with a song all his own which has the 28-year-old a little anxious about how it’ll be received. “This is my first time it’s been me by myself, so it’s exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time,” Brown told Audacy’s Julia.

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“I’ve always been so scared to step out and just do the Pop thing. If you listen to a lot of my [songs], they still have that Country vein… this one doesn’t,” he said. “Now, I’m not scared, I feel like I am who I am now, just being comfortable with myself.”

His new single, “Grand,” is a representation of finding that confidence as he took time for a lot of self-reflection during quarantine. That self-reflection is what ultimately lead the Georgia native to writing “Grand,” a song about the beauty in his life. “I was in kind of like a dark space over quarantine — not really knowing my purpose,” he said. “We weren’t able to tour or anything like that so I was just sitting in my house, as everybody else was.”

He continued, “I started realizing that I have a beautiful family and this artist opportunity and all this and that life is just 'grand.'”

While the Pop track may just the beginning of Kane’s solo Pop success, he says he is still committed to Country as his main genre, but that doesn’t mean a Pop EP is out of the question.

“I would love to get an EP out eventually,” he shared. “I have a lot of Pop songs that I would love to get out to my fans.”

Brown has even explored collabs that could appear on that project. “I’ve been messaging with Jack Harlow recently,” Brown said. “We were just talking about how it just has to be perfect, so we just gotta find the right song.”

Hear Kane talk about the new release and and more as he checks in with Audacy’s Julia in the interview above.

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