These are the 10 best locations in the U.S. for UFO enthusiasts to buy a home


If you want to see UFOs, you don't necessarily have to go too far from home.

National real estate company has compiled a list of the best places in America for UFO enthusiasts to purchase a house.

Using data from the National UFO Reporting Center to locate areas with the most alleged alien sightings, the company cross referenced it with their own intel on the most affordable real estate markers to come up with the list, reported the New York Post.

Their findings crowned Myrtle Beach, South Carolina as the best place to spot an extra-terrestrial as the average home sells for just under $168,000.

Columbus, Ohio comes in second, where the median home price is $174,000, while Philadelphia takes third, as a house there will set you back an unbelievable $187,000.

“Whether you’re scientifically minded or not, the topic of aliens is one that fascinates a lot of people all over the world,” Kris Lippi, owner of, said in a press release. “It’s also a topic that excites a lot of people so I’m happy to be able to provide this sort of information for those who want to or have turned their interest in the extraterrestrial into a passion.”

According to the company,  a little over half of Americans believe life exists outside Earth, while nearly a third believe other-worldly beings have actually landed on our planet.

The truth is out there… and so is your potential new home.

Here are the 10 best areas for wannabe alien-spotters to buy a terrestrial home.

1. Myrtle Beach, SC – $167,958

2. Columbus, OH – $174,109

3. Philadelphia, PA – $187,772

4. Houston, TX – $191,907

5. Tucson, AZ – $215,965

6. Albuquerque, NM – $216,090

7. Dallas, TX – $226,145

8. Orlando, FL – $260,915

9. Phoenix, AZ – $269,175

10. Mesa, AZ – $278,497

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