Chicken Big Mac is coming – how to get yours

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In monumental fast-food news, McDonald's is launching a new menu item that some say is so tasty, it could put an end to the chicken sandwich wars.

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Introducing the Chicken Big Mac.

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The sandwich is precisely what it sounds like -- a Big Mac with chicken in place of beef burgers -- but it doesn't quite follow the recipe made famous in the jingle. It features two tempura chicken patties, the signature Big Mac sauce, pickles, shredded lettuce and a slice of American cheese.

The fast-food giant briefly sold the behemoth of a sandwich earlier this year in the UK, and it was so popular that it sold out within 10 days, CNN reported.

To see if Americans have the same love for the poultry-packed Big Mac, the burger chain is testing the sandwich in America.

Although it is crossing the pond, the Chicken Big Mac won't be making a nationwide debut. McDonald's told CNN the sandwich will only be for sale at select restaurants in Miami for a limited time.

Whether or not the sandwich becomes a permanent menu item remains to be seen. The company told CNN it will use this test phase to gather feedback from both customers and restaurant crew as it considers "opportunities to offer more delicious options in the future."

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