Demand is going up for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

By , KCBS Radio

While you cannot pick and choose which of the three approved COVID-19 vaccines you can get, more and more people are now requesting the single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

“Now that it’s been out there for a while, people are recognizing that it’s safe and effective,” said Marin County public health officer Dr. Matt Willis of the Johnson & Johnson shot. “It’s super convenient with only one dose, one and done. More and more people are asking for that product.”

The shift has been somewhat of a surprise because there were initially more questions and concerns about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine when it was first released.

“You know, it was the newest one. We knew that the first two were super effective - the Pfizer and the Moderna - and Johnson & Johnson was less in demand,” said Dr. Willis of the initial response.

When the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were released, their efficacy was reported to be 95% and 94%, while Johnson & Johnson reported lower numbers.

But some of that was due to company measuring cases differently. No one in Johnson & Johnson’s clinical trial who received the shot became sick enough to go to the hospital.

Since then, the convenience and efficacy of Johnson & Johnson has become a selling point.

“It’s good news to know that the demand is there,” said Dr. Willis. “And unfortunately we didn’t get any this week in Marin County and most Bay Area counties didn’t get any of the Johnson & Johnson.”

While the area has received less of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, Dr. Willis says that overall supply has remained steady and urges everyone to get vaccinated when they can.

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