Mom Posts Work-From-Home Video to Inspire Other Parents: 'You're Not Alone'


As many continue to work from home during the pandemic, a mother in Chicago wanted to inspire other parents.

Kristen Krahl recorded herself multitasking while working from home with her children during the COVID-19 pandemic, and millions of people saw her video.

The mother-of-three posted the video to Instagram, where she was seen working on her computer, pumping breast milk, and caring for her 10-week-old daughter, Maeve.

“I was just going about my day juggling work and pumping and feeding her and thought, ‘I think this might be relatable,” she told Good Morning America. “I might be able to reach a few [women] with this and say, ‘You’re not alone.”

Krahl works for a construction company and has been working remotely since March 17. She heads back into the office in September.

In addition to looking after a newborn, Krahl also looks after her 2-year-old toddlers, Molly and Owen.

In watching the video, Krahl hopes that viewers will not feel sorry for her. “There are days when I say, ‘How did I commit to my deadline, take care of my daughter, pump 80 ounces and make sure my toddlers are alive and well?,” Krahl said.

Multiple parent blogs on Instagram have shared the mother’s video. Many mothers praised Krahl for her hard work and shared how the video has resonated with them.

The video has been shared by multiple parenting bloggers on Instagram. "The realest thing i've seen all quarantine," one woman wrote. "Just add a wild two year old to the mix and it is spot on."

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