You can use this Walmart promo code to get 3 free deliveries on grocery orders


Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, grocery delivery has become the new normal.

If you need groceries, Walmart is offering a discount that you can use for the rest of 2021.

As the company celebrates 3,000 stores offering grocery delivery, Walmart is waiving its delivery fee the first three times, reports Delish.

The discount applies when shoppers use the promo code “DELIVERY” when they checkout. By using this code, you can save anywhere from $7 to $10.

When finding out if a grocery delivery is available in your area, you can enter your address on or in the Walmart app. Next, shoppers will be able to select available times for delivery. Finally, you can shop and then enter the code at checkout.

Customers should note that the code only applies to delivery orders, and not a shipping orders.

Logging onto the website, shoppers will also have to hit a $50 minimum and cannot use other promo codes within the same order. The code also does not apply to alcohol orders.

Shoppers can expect their groceries to arrive within a one-hour delivery window.

The promo code expires on January 31, 2022.

Last month, Walmart announced that the company would have robots to help with a surge in online orders. The company reported plans to build warehouses at some stores where self-driving robots will get groceries and have them ready for shoppers to pick up quickly.

As for how many warehouses the company will be building, Walmart declined to confirm the specific number. However, construction has already begun at stories in Lewisville, Texas; Plano, Texas; American Fork, Utah; and Bentonville, Arkansas. A test site was opened more than a year ago at a store in Salem, New Hampshire.

Walmart says it hopes that this process will make the curbside pickup option faster. If you’re hoping to meet a robot inside the store, Walmart can confirm that the robots will not roam store aisles. A part of its job will be staying inside the warehouses built-in separate areas. Windows will be built at some locations so shoppers can watch the robots work.

The wheeled robots carry crates of juice, cereal, and other small goods to Walmart employees, who then will bag the items for shoppers.

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