La Canfora: Tua Tagovailoa should consider retirement


Tua Tagovailoa is once again in the concussion protocol this season. The Miami Dolphins quarterback reportedly could not remember some plays in a film session which led to him entering the concussion protocol for the second time this season.

Tagovailoa’s passion for the game of football isn’t in question, but perhaps his future on the field should be. The young quarterback has dealt with multiple head injuries that could put his future health at risk.

Carl Dukes and Jason La Canfora of the Audacy Original Podcast “In The Huddle“ talked about Tagovailoa’s injury history and what the future may hold for the Dolphins quarterback.

“Even if they were to make the playoffs, Tua wouldn’t be playing in the divisional round either,” La Canfora said (2:32 in player above). “They’re not even thinking about trying to clear him for practice. It’s not where they are and it’s not where they will be.”

No one can be sure just exactly how many concussions Tagovailoa has had this season or in the past, but there have been multiple injuries that caused him to miss time.

“He’s had repeated brain trauma this season. He’s had repeated blows to the head. He’s had repeated instances where he’s needed significant time off to recover – whether he got enough I guess is a different discussion,” La Canfora continued. “I don’t know what the future holds for Tua. I don’t know if Tua knows what the future holds for Tua.”

Ultimately, it may be best for Tagovailoa to decide to take some time off – or step away from football entirely.

“Maybe Tua just decides I’m taking a year off or I’m taking two years off or he does what Andrew Luck did and just said I’m going to move on to other things that are going to bring me not as much joy but certainly not as much pain as football and express myself in different ways.”

Dukes echoed those sentiments and has been since Tua’s scary injury earlier in the season.

“I said this, Jason, on my national show when Tua went down and was convulsing on the field, and I’ll say it again: he needs to give it up,” he said. “You’ve got to think about the next 65 years of your life.

“This is hard because Tua is chasing his bag. Tua is a couple of seasons away from securing 200, 300 million dollars, whatever it’s going to be potentially, and it’s hard to tell anybody who’s chasing their dream and putting in this kind of work to say you’ve got to step away,” Dukes continued. “But I do know this, we don’t know the effects of CTE until these guys are gone.”

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Eric Espada/Getty Images