Tierney makes impassioned plea to Jets fans after Rodgers news: Put aside fear of getting hurt again

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Most Jets fans are not naive enough to believe that Aaron Rodgers saying he wants to be a Jet means it’ll be all sunshine and rainbows going forward.

If anything, too many Jets fans might not be savor the moment enough.

Rodgers announced Wednesday on the “Pat McAfee Show” that he intends to play for the Jets. The Packers legend insisted he’s not holding anything up, rather tat the Packers’ asks in trade talks are delaying things. As of Wednesday morning the Packers were said to be looking for a Matthew Stafford-like return for Rodgers.

So, there’s work to be done – and, for what it’s worth, trades can’t even be processed until 4 p.m. ET on Wednesday. But if nothing else, it’s clear that a future Hall of Famer wants to be a Jet, and he can see a path to winning in New York.

So, in a passionate rant on “Tiki & Tierney” moments after Rodgers made the comments, WFAN’s Brandon Tierney made a plea to New Yorkers: Set aside the “same old Jets” stuff and just enjoy this.

“Just for a moment, embrace the possibility,” Tierney said. “For a moment, just put to the side the fear of getting hurt again, put to the side myriad failed draft picks and bad free agent signings, coaches who couldn’t coach, GMs who couldn’t construct a team … Just for a moment put to the side the irrelevance and the self-loathing just for now.

“I don’t know if he’s throwing 40 touchdowns as a Jet, it’s not about that. Just for a moment – please – can you embrace the very realness (of this). Just embrace the fact that the Jets have one of the greatest quarterbacks in history. And let’s just go from there. Can we just go from there?

“Don’t worry about Zach (Wilson), don’t worry about the backup, don’t worry about Plan B, don’t worry about who they’re drafting right now, don’t worry about (Nathaniel) Hackett, don’t worry about who they’re bringing in as free agents … just forget about all of that. Can you please find a little place in your heart and your brain to enjoy something that’s pretty freaking cool? Aaron Rodgers just said he wants to, not that he’s being forced to go to the Jets, he wants us.”

Such optimism might be a tough sell for the Joe Benignos of the world, but the point remains. It's a good time to be a Jets fan, and that's not something we're able to say often.

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