Ozzie Guillen: I'm Better Than 90% of MLB Managers

By , 670 The Score

The manager of the World Series-winning White Sox in 2005, Ozzie Guillen just wants another chance to lead a team in the big leagues.

The 56-year-old Guillen last managed in MLB with the Marlins in 2012 and is still hoping for another opportunity. And as you might expect, he's plenty confident that he could step into a big league dugout and thrive in that role again.

"I'm a better manager than 90% of the managers in the big leagues right now, if not more," Guillen said on the Mully & Haugh Show on Wednesday. "Because I'm watching every day. I watch their moves.

"Right now, it's easier to manage. I'm ready, I'm ready. The only thing I say is, 'Hey, if you want to know who I am for real, talk to me about baseball, talk to me face-to-face and spend a couple times with me.' Then, you can go there and judge me.

"It makes me sad. It makes me sad. I can't complain about baseball. Baseball has given me everything I have. I cannot complain. But it makes me sad because sometimes I say, 'Wow, why do these guys get an opportunity I don't have?'"

Guillen was 678-617 over his eight seasons with the White Sox before a divorce with the team after the 2011 season. He joined Miami in 2012 but the Marlins struggled, going 69-93. Guillen was then fired despite three years remaining on his contract in Miami.

Known for his fiery demeanor as manager, Guillen admits he's a different person now that he's 56 years old and a grandfather. What he wants is the chance to at least have a conversation with MLB teams and be given a fair shot.

"Don't judge me if you've never talked to me," Guillen said. "Because a lot of people, I walk in the streets and my neighbors, people are like, 'Oh, my god, get in the house, because Ozzie's coming.' Then they found out who I was and they loved me. I'm very different (when) personal.

"I just want an opportunity, somebody to talk to me and I will move on."