Peter Gammons: 'I Think By Monday' MLB Deal Is Worked Out

By , 670 The Score

While the negotiations have been difficult and often ugly, MLB and the players' union have made progress toward reaching a return-to-play deal for a shortened 2020 regular season.

MLB insider Peter Gammons views the deal as close to done, believing an agreement between MLB and the union is coming in the days ahead. The sides are currently haggling over whether the season should be 60 games or 70 games -- or somewhere in between.

"I think by Monday, they work this whole thing out," Gammons said on the Mully & Haugh Show on Friday. "I think that we've overlooked a little bit how complex the pandemic issue is in both sides coming back. 

"They got to learn to all focus together on how do we get into 2023 with a new normal, which is entirely positive."

Gammons feels MLB is heading toward a major financial crisis before 2023 as the toll of this coronavirus pandemic will cost baseball a great deal. However, he feels the profitable business will find its footing by 2023.

MLB made progress toward a deal earlier this week when commissioner Rob Manfred and union executive director Tony Clark met face to face in Arizona.

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