Sarah And Vinnie’s Full Show Podcast: 11.11.2020

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 Today on Sarah and Vinnie’s Full Show Podcast: 

6am Alice Celebrity Trash –  A list of celebrities that have served in the arm forces for Veterans Day, Mike Tyson used a prosthetic penis and his children urine to pass drug tests, and a reporter on MSNNBC cussed on air!  

6am Alice News Network –  San Francisco restaurants are going to have to close their indoor dining experience again among other counties that are going back on the tiers due to high covid cases, the first year of 2020 has been announced, Sarah watches a kid eat his food on Tik Tok, and brew house tourism is a thing in America!  

7am Alice Celebrity Trash – Jon Rahm was warming for the Masters where he skipped the ball across the pond where he made a hole in one, Sarah goes over Oprah’s Christmas list that is now out, a new TV show on Oprah’s Network is going to have a cooking show from Oakland, and CBS is taking huge step forward on diversity to which all of their no scripted shows have to be 50% non-white and 40% representation in writers room! 

7am Alice News Network - Scott Budman calls in to talk about the Apple Event and the election news, places that are doing free food for Veteran’s, and the most unusual names parents named their kids last year! 

8am Alice Celebrity Trash –  Billie Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy’ music video hits 1 billion views, Phil Collins divorce is getting ugly, rapper Silento got arrested for for driving 143 mph on the freeway, Miley Cyrus song ‘Party in the USA’ is back on the charts after Biden’s win, and Black Sabbath’s Geezer Butler doesn't like the song ‘WAP’!

8am Alice News Network –   Isla makes appearance to give an update on how school is going, a new study has found that going into the office can double risk of getting corona, a list of terms that describe dating of 2020, a survey asked people what desserts are the most tempting during the holiday season, and most young people are terrified of going bald! 

Final Break –  Vinnie reads all your contributions through text messages!