Get even more festive at Starbucks with these secret holiday menu items

stack of Starbucks coffee cups
Photo credit Press Association via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Starbucks has its own holiday drinks it rolls out seasonally, but if you're looking for even more holiday drinks then look no further than these secret menu items!

Keep in mind, secret menu items are not REAL menu items. They're customized drinks created by fans - not Starbucks. So you'll need to order them by ingredients rather than the names in most cases.

Check out the drinks I found from below.

Gingerbread Chai Latte

To start, order a chai tea latte in whatever size you'd like. Add gingerbread syrup (1 pump tall, 2 pumps grande, 3 pumps venti), and top with whipped cream and molasses drizzle.

Egg Nog Latte

This is something you can apparently order year-round, since the ingredients are not seasonal. But if you're looking for that Christmas-y taste, simply order a chai latte with caramel syrup (1 pump tall, 2 pumps grande, 3 pumps venti).

Holiday Apple Spice

Start with gingerbread syrup (3 pumps tall, 4 pumps grande, 5 pumps venti) and steam in apple juice (the same amount as a Caramel Apple Spice). Top with spiced whipped cream and caramel drizzle.

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