Use Responsibly: 4 Easy Ways To Make Your Office Greener

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By Audacy

  When operating a business, there are many ways to increase efficiency and reduce your impact on the earth, even when you are regularly printing business materials. Common methods of reducing your carbon footprint include printing non-essential documents on the back of others, using recyclable paper and recycling documents you aren’t using anymore. But there are other ways of greening your office.

  1. Invest In A New Printer

Knowing that many offices are looking for more energy-efficient methods of operation, printer manufacturers have added many efficient features to their products. Newer small office printers have energy-saving features such as an automated shut down when the printer has been idle for too long. They also use less energy than older models.

  2. Know That Less Is Better

One common reason for wasting paper is that prints can smudge. By finding a printer that uses quality ink, such as the Canon MAXIFY MB5420, your documents will be less likely to smudge, reducing the need to print multiple copies. This model uses ink that is also resistant to highlighters, so you can mark up documents immediately.

  3. Keep Your Lists Up To Date

If your business routinely utilizes flyers or direct mailers, make sure your customer database is accurate. By sending out flyers to incorrect addresses, you’ll end up with return mail and tons of wasted paper. Make it a habit to routinely update your mailing lists, ensuring that all addresses are correct.

  4. Recycle Your Ink Cartridge

Many companies have programs you can use to recycle your ink cartridges. Simply send back or drop off your old cartridges, and they will take care of the rest. Not only will you not be contributing to excess waste, you also won’t be throwing away hazardous waste.

  Use these and other tips to help make your office more eco-friendly. Taking advantage of energy efficient features on new printer models may also help you save money along with the planet.

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