4 Minneapolis Businesses Connecting With Their Customers Through Social Media

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By Audacy

  Since the mid-2000s, social media has existed as a tool by which businesses can connect with current and potential customers. What started as a niche marketing tactic has become a key component of the marketing mix. These four Minnesota businesses have mastered turning customers into a community with social media.

  Game Informer Magazine

Magazine editors are known to be creative, and those who run the social media accounts for Game Informer are no exception. The magazine has over 2 million Twitter followers and routinely posts game reviews and other commentary via its Youtube channel. Along with tweets about its own content, Game Informer also connects with its audience by posting content related to their other interests, spurring discussions.

  Walker Art Center

Through its Twitter account, the Walker Art Center is able to connect with nearly 500,000 people in Minnesota and beyond. The Center features works from artists in a variety of media, including visual and performing arts. Through its Twitter and YouTube pages, Walker Art Center introduces followers to these artists and their work, and promotes newcomers to the arts scene.

  Spyhouse Coffee

A wholesale coffee roaster and distributor, Spyhouse Coffee has created an Instagram destination for its followers, which currently consists of over 29,000. Its roasts are available at four locations in the Minneapolis area, but the Instagram account also drives customers of the online store, which ships nationwide. Posting gorgeous photos of coffee and related subject matter, Spyhouse has connected coffee lovers and built brand awareness.

  Space 150

As an ad agency, Space 150 takes an innovative approach to many facets of business, and the agency has used Snapchat as a hiring tool. It recently asked potential interns to demonstrate their marketing skills by creating Snapchat stories. Space 150 also has an active Twitter account with over 11,000 followers that is used to promote clients and to discuss advertising topics and other important community issues.

  The stories above showcase why it is important to be skilled at social media, as well as how it can be used to engage customers and convert followers into new customers. Social media is growing as a business tool, and seeing companies using it well can help you improve your own social media marketing.

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