4 Reasons Growth Is Booming For Minnesota Businesses

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By Audacy

The state of Minnesota offers various resources that can make starting, growing, and maintaining a business easier. The resources offer information, consultation, and financial guidance for all types of entrepreneurs. Whether it is a need for guidance on business licenses or a small equipment loan, there are resources to help businesses through the required steps to successfully accomplish their goals.

Consultation Services
The Small Business Assistance Office offers consultation services to new and existing businesses in Minnesota. This service is designed to assist business owners in all areas, from locating forms to creating business structures. Consultants are available via phone or email. In addition, the Office also offers help through the government contracting procurement process. Find information specialized for women, veterans, and HUD area businesses and government procurement opportunities.

Business Training
The foundation of any business is training, and an understanding of business processes. The Small Business Development Center offers various classes and workshops to help start, grow and maintain a healthy business. Class topics range from computer software to writing a business plan to certifications. In addition to training, the center offers business services, consulting and information about financial options.

Small Business Resource Guide
The Small Business Resource Guide for Minnesota is available online. It is a 48-page guide that covers all the aspects of starting a business in the state. All the main business websites are listed at the beginning of the document for easy access to further, in-depth information. The guide lists online classes offered by the Small Business Administration (SBA), and the links to take the classes. Other topics listed in the guide include free marketing resources, business laws and regulations, cyber security, and more. The guide is available in English and Spanish.

Business Grants and Financing
Several different resources give information about business grants and financing. A positive cash flow helps any business succeed and thrive in their community. Financial consultation is available through The Small Business Development Center. This resource helps business owners to see all their financing options, before applying for a loan. Many lenders require a business works with this organization prior to submitting a loan application. For women-owned small businesses, there is a grant offered monthly by the Small Business Grants for Women. This is a small grant for women run businesses in Minnesota that is offered through WomensNet.  


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