3 Strategies On Converting Phone Leads Into Sales

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  Cold calling is one of the most daunting tasks in sales. Once you’ve managed to keep a potential customer on the phone, there are tactics you can use to convert a potential client into a sale. Prospecting is difficult, but using smart strategies can help increase your chances of successfully converting a phone lead into a sale.

  Target your lists

One of the best ways to turn prospects into customers is by tailoring your outreach to people who need your product or service. The Online Marketing Institute recommends using data from current clients and past sales successes to identify where your best potential targets are coming from, then focusing your efforts “on the websites and channels where your ideal buyer personas spend the most time.” Building a list of targets who are more likely to need your product or service increases your chances of successfully making the sale.

  Provide solutions

Your potential new customers will want to know upfront how your product or solution will help them, particularly if they are also considering one of your competitors. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your product or service and tailoring your sales pitch can help you communicate its benefits in the most impactful way. Forbes.com recommends learning and understanding “your customers’ wants and needs, their challenges and problems, so you can help them in the best possible way.” Understanding how your product can help them solve a problem is a key component of making a sale.

  Keep your website up-to-date

Before a prospect has ever picked up the phone, they’ve probably done some background research on your company and what it has to offer. Creating a company website that has your value props front and center, is easy to navigate, and is up-to-date helps reinforce the value your company provides, even after you’ve hung up. When prospecting, keep a list of frequently asked questions, and use it to develop a detailed FAQ page on your website.

  The strategies listed above all rely on knowing your customers. Using data from current customers can help you personalize your sales pitch and increase your chances of converting a lead into a sale. Keeping an informative website, targeting your leads, and focusing on solutions can change your leads into customers.

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