Tracking Your Marketing Success From Customer Calls

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  To run a successful small business, you need to market your company in a way that connects with consumers. To do that, you need to know who your potential customers are, how to best reach them and which consumers are interested in becoming purchasers. The best way to get that mission-critical data is by tracking your customer calls.

  Know your audience

As this Kissmetrics blog explains, one of the best things about call tracking is that it helps you understand your target audience better. By recording your customers’ names, phone numbers, and reasons for calling, you can understand who your customers are, where they are calling from, and what they expect from your business. That essential demographics data will help you create a buyer persona that you can use to optimize both conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

  Refine your marketing efforts

Let’s say you decide to advertise your business with an email blast, some banner ads, and a few billboards in your local market. Call tracking will tell you which of those three channels actually brings in traffic and which fail to connect. Accordingly, you can use that information to get the best possible return on your advertising spend.

  Improve lead generation

While all major social networks like to boast about how they can help businesses connect with consumers, businesses get their highest quality leads from phone calls. Even in today’s increasingly digitized world, customers still want to talk to a real person before making a purchase. As such, call tracking can help small business owners generate leads from legitimately interested buyers.

Call tracking only works if every call your business receives is answered and logged. To ensure that important marketing data isn’t being lost and potential buyers aren’t being ignored, a small business owner should make sure every call is answered by a friendly person, either by themselves, a team member or a quality remote receptionist service.

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