Best Legal Software Businesses

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By Audacy

Running a small business demands a multitude of skills in all aspects of office management. With a framework of tasks for specific jobs, small business owners should explore best options to keep their businesses on track and in legal compliance with all regulations. Compliance issues can be overwhelming, particularly for small businesses with no HR team. Compliance involves not only big concerns, but also general office management that businesses must track to keep the wheels of the company spinning smoothly. When it comes to legal software for small business, there are many options.


SlickPie: Online accounting software

SlickPie is a simple-to-use, comprehensive accounting software, which includes a sales tax tracking tool that will always keep accurate tax rates with regular updates. This nifty feature ensures that your business will operate within full compliance of tax regulations for federal, state, or any other type of taxes. A complete accounting software perfect for small businesses, freelancers, and bookkeepers, SlickPie offers a free starter plan to “kick-start your micro business management” with all SlickPie services.


Chrome River: Expense report software

Chrome River covers expense reports and invoice management with its cloud-based, intuitive platform. It’s particularly useful for mid-sized to global organizations in just about every industry. For numerous business travelers, CFOs, and travel managers, Chrome River is the right choice for tracking employee global travel, expense reporting, and invoice management. Pricing is by subscription, with a range of pricing models based on a business’s estimated usage.


Rocket Lawyer: Legal help for business

Rocket Lawyer is a comprehensive legal tool that allows small businesses to manage all of their legal needs online. As an online legal document provider, Rocker Lawyer has just about all the legal forms you, your business, and your employees need. Business owners can check the extensive list of customizable business, personal, financial, and other forms, including several immigration forms. Rocket Lawyer offers more than legal forms, as premium members have access to an attorney for questions or legal advice, document reviews, and discounts on lawyer representation fees. A premium account covers the initial seven-day free trial, after which the cost is $39.99 per month.


Cloudtract: Contract management tool

Cloudtract is a straightforward contract management tool you didn’t know your business needed, but once on board could not be without. Cloudtract offers critical features a business needs to keep track of contracts, as it sends an alert when a contract comes up for renewal or auto renewal. It’s like having another set of eyes to be sure no expiration date gets overlooked. The service is particularly important to businesses with many contracts and varying expiration dates, such as with franchisees, retail, wholesale, independent contractors, and vendors. Cloudtract is free and will remain that way, though two premium plans offering more storage and enhanced features should be available soon.


LegalZoom: Legal document assistant services

LegalZoom is a perfect fit for small businesses on tight budgets. The company assists members to create a variety of legal documents without having to hire an attorney. With an extensive array of available legal documents, LegalZoom was an innovator when it began in 2001, and still holds a distinctive role. The company offers small business owners and individuals affordable, quality legal services that fit their needs. LegalZoom also offers two affordable prepaid legal plans that give unlimited 30-minute consultations with an attorney on new legal matters. While Rocket Lawyer is considered a competitor on general levels, LegalZoom is more of an easy to navigate streamlined service.


This article was written by Melanie Graysmith for Small Business Pulse