CEO Explains Why an HR Firm Is Ideal for His Seasonal Business

Photo credit Sean Flanagan (Photo and logo courtesy of The United States Tournament of Dance Inc.)

If you’ve applied for a job recently, that company has most likely used a recruitment agency to weed through its applicants. Many small and seasonal businesses are also turning to HR firms to handle their human resource needs, from training to administration. Such is the case with The United States Tournament of Dance Inc. Sean Flanagan, the current president and CEO of USTD. 

USTD is a family brand, yet it is rather large and branching out even further, enhancing the lives of young performers. If you’ve ever been to a dance competition, you know there are many facets that make the magic happen, including production, equipment, judges, travel arrangements and merchandising, to name just a few aspects of the behind-the-scenes action. In addition, these events occur in different states across the United States from January to July. However, just because it is a seasonal operation doesn’t mean its needs for an HR team are any different from any other small business, as Sean details. Mr. Flanagan explains how one of the country’s largest national performing arts championships handles HR as they tour from state to state during the competition season.

How many employees do you have?

We currently own two separate brands with a combined number of approximately 60 employees, both W-2 and 1099.

Are your employees full-time, part-time or freelance?

Due to the nature of our industry and being that it is a seasonal business, most employees for both brands are part-time as it is not cost effective to have a full team of full-time employees. We have created a management company to oversee both brands, and as such all full-time employees work directly for that company. Our employees are in several different states across the country.

Do you have an HR department? If not, who handles HR duties, such as hiring, firing, or any employment issues that arise?

We do not have an official HR department, however, our COO monitors all HR issues and maintains HR policies and contracts for all employees. In addition, our company has retained a professional HR firm to ensure that we are in line and in compliance with all state and federal laws.