Creative Design & Marketing Firm Puts Tech to Use for Businesses

Raghu Shivaram
Raghu Shivaram Photo credit Spritz
By , Small Business Pulse

Equipped with a master of science degree in computer engineering, Raghu Shivaram puts tech to work for clients of Spritz Interactive Marketing, a San Francisco-based branding, creative design and marketing firm he co-founded ten years ago.

In-house tech capabilities are cost effective
"Because Spritz is a full-service, one-stop shop, the firm's marketing know-how is amplified by creative web design and mobile applications that are tailor-made for each client. From software architecture to amplification via display ads and social media, Spritz's in-house technology is a driving force in our company's DNA, which proves beneficial for our client budgets," said Shivaram.

Technology boosts effective small business operations
How does technology assist with effective business operations and communications in a boutique, multi-national agency like Spritz?

"Because of technological realities, small and multi-national don't have to be exclusive terms. For Spritz Marketing with office teams in both San Francisco, California and Bangalore, India, the question becomes — How do we smoothly manage internal communications across time zones separated by more than twelve hours? The answer is by utilizing effective cloud-based internet solutions."

Spritz uses tech to serve clients better
What are some smart examples of using cutting-edge tech to service your clients?

"The efficiency provided by cloud-based technology allows us to operate 24/7 and also benefits our clients via seamless round-the-clock project management. When jobs are divided between marketing services and web-based architecture, Spritz is able to use its own top-notch resources halfway around the world. It makes a huge difference to both competitive pricing and work quality. The key is effective project management among our various departments to ensure seamless, cost-effective delivery for our clients."

Clients reap benefits from tech savvy marketing agency
What benefits can be produced for clients when a small business uses technology wisely?

"These days, both cost-effectiveness and quality work can result from being totally tech-savvy in business. Although our head office is in San Francisco, on the doorstep of Silicon Valley, equally skilled resources are available in India at a more attractive price than we can offer locally. High tech is a way of life in Bangalore, too. In fact, the metropolitan area is known as the Silicon Valley of India and the city's relationship with San Francisco is a close one. As a native of Bangalore and a resident of San Francisco, I am honored to serve on the Board of Directors for the San Francisco-Bangalore Sister City Committee."

How small businesses benefit from digital marketing
Why is savvy digital marketing so critical for a small business owner?

"Content is king, and a robust online presence is critical for small business owners. A small business must be up front and center with its branding, profile, case studies, blogs, testimonials and more for discoverability on the internet. The front door to your business may no longer be on Main Street, but it is continually open and always accessible through a website, social media channels, effective use of content marketing, and targeted search capabilities. Think of digital inbound marketing as maximizing your real estate on the internet. It is fundamental to business development."