Astros Pitcher Lance McCullers: End Goal Is To Have A Baseball Season

(SportsRadio) -- The Astros do not have a formal proposal from Major League Baseball to start the season, according to pitcher Lance McCullers, the team's union representative.
McCullers appeared Thursday on the Harris County Houston Sports Authority's Q'D UP series with Patti Smith. They covered a wide range of issues, from dealing with the COVID-19 quarantine conditions, to some of his career-defining moments since the 2017 World Series season. 

As far as baseball returning, McCullers said there is going to be a lot to work through, likening this season to "a one-year (collective bargaining agreement) both sides will have to agree to."

Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Blake Snell was animated about not playing for less than his full salary, even though the Major League Baseball Players Association was reportedly in favor of pro-rated salaries

Recent reports have indicated team owners are proposing a 50-50 revenue split, which player reps have deemed as a cautionary tale for a salary cap down the road (MLB's collective bargaining agreement expires after the 2021 season). 

McCullers downplayed reports as "different theories and leaks," but said they're ready for dialogue.

"Those things can be challenging," McCullers said. "But I think the end goal for our side as players, and I'm sure the MLB side, is to get a season in. Whether that means we start without fans and we add them, or whether that means we have no fans throughout, at least we'll be able to be on TV and represent our city and try and get some sort of season in."

McCullers also talked about the idea of playing in stadiums without fans. Unfortunately, due to his extensive injury history, McCullers said he's played in Gulf Coast League games where there are literally no fans.

 "It's OK. Obviously, it's not the big leagues or the brand of baseball that we're all accustomed to," McCullers said. "But if that's what we have to do to play, then that's what we're going to have to do. We're wanting to play and we're hoping that we can kind of all come to an agreement. And whatever that agreement looks like, it looks like. I think that guys want to play more than worrying about who's sitting in the stands for sure."

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