Locker: Texans GM Nick Caserio needs to be proactively evaluated


The Texans continue to go backwards after another loss, their sixth straight, this time 30-15 to the Miami Dolphins.

Houston's record is 1-9-1 and the Texans are still on track for the No. 1 overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. Here are some observations from Sunday's game.

1. Eno Benjamin was inactive again, which isn’t too shocking, but I have a hard time believing the role he’d play should be that difficult to pick up quickly.

2. Derek Stingley Jr. being out doesn’t trouble me. One, I’d err on the side of caution and two, I don’t really like watching him have to play in this system. Three, I’m in the loss to get the first pick mindset.

3. With that said, I anticipate escaping the lose for number one mindset next week when the Browns come to town.

4. Confession: I benched Dameon Pierce in fantasy. Might regret it, but I did it. In his place I put Bengals RB Samaje Perine.

5. The Texans were fortunate to escape the first two drives of the game down just 3-0, but it was clear where this thing was heading.

6. I wonder how much Lovie Smith thought the Dolphins competitive advantage came into play. LMAO.

7. CBS said that Kyle Allen split first-team reps with Davis Mills. I don’t know if that’s true, have heard multiple things, but I do know Mills was taking first-team reps during media availability on Wednesday, which is goofy, weird competitive advantage paranoia if they did that just to try to keep Allen being the starter a secret.

8. That Allen first INT was a pee wee blooper.

9. Jaylen Waddle is that dude. Having him and Tyreek Hill is a cheat code.

10. Lovie Smith is 100X more stubborn and unwilling to change the way he does things schematically than Bill O’Brien was.

11. This whole organization needs to be evaluated after Wednesday.

12. I’m not discouraged by losing, actually the opposite, but Caserio needs to be proactively evaluated for many reason. This is going to be a large part of the dialogue on SportsRadio 610 and on YouTube. Proactive evaluation is sooooo important for the Texans this off-season.

Don’t let anything go unevaluated and don’t let Caserio be the end all be all. There are questions. Lots.

13. Kyle Allen is definitely better than Mills. Was some rust early, but he’s better.

14. Lovie kicking the FG on 4th and four to make it a 15-point game in the red zone was an outdated decision, but par for the course.

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