How an unknown 23-year-old tech geek broke Deshaun Watson's suspension story


(SportsRadio 610) - One of the biggest NFL stories of the year was not broken by your usual news breakers.

It wasn't Adam Schefter or his colleagues at ESPN. It wasn't Ian Rapoport or his colleagues at NFL Network.

Instead, a 23-year-old New England Patriots fan with an information technology background and modest interest in journalism scooped them all.

All of the usual suspects reported that a Thursday that a suspension settlement between the NFL and representation for Deshaun Watson would be revealed at some point that day. The rest of us were just waiting on the details to be confirmed: how many games would he miss, and how much money would he be fined?

Joseph Pasteris, who at the time held a modest 12 followers on Twitter, revealed the official document suspending Watson for 11 games and fining him $5 million.

Pasteris has been given credit for breaking the story from the likes of NBC's Mike Florio and CBS Sports' Josina Anderson, both respected NFL media types.

So how did he do it?

About a week ago, Pasteris just started "fooling around" with the NFL and NFLPA websites when he found a security issue that allowed him to access rookie contracts, among other things.

Instead of leaking what he'd found, Pasteris told In The Loop's Landry Locker that he tried contacting the NFL. But according to Pasteris, the league was not responsive.

"They wouldn't answer my calls," Pasteris said. "They didn't take it seriously at all."

Pasteris did have a league source he contacted who then relayed the message. So according to Pasteris, in exchange for him providing the exact problem and how to patch it, the NFL gave him media credentials.

He started out just tweeting information about his favorite team, the Patriots. Then on Thursday, his NFL source alerted him to the document with the Watson information on it.

With all of these connected reporters, who presumably have the same NFL credentials Pasteris was able to attain, it was an unknown 23-year-old non-journalist who is an overnight machine operator at a manufacturing plant and still lives with his parents who ended up breaking the story.

That is just too rich.

Listen to the entire interview here:

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