Adventures in Winemaking With Glenn.. Episode 4

wine making
Photo credit Photo by Glenn Anderson (Entercom Radio)

Greetings friends!

So, I've bought the grapes, added yeast to ferment, got the specific gravity (which measures alcohol content) where it needs to be, and now, we're gonna oak the wine.  

Why oak?

Oak isn't just to make the wine taste like you're licking a tree.  Oak softens your tannins, offers a bit more complexity and pleasing mouth feel, and actually improves almost any wine.  You can add different types of oak to experience different flavors

American oak will give your wine an essence of coconut and/or vanilla

French oak will give you more caramels and earthy, smokey notes

Then, it depends on how much the chips are toasted.  Obviously, the more they are toasted,the smokier the result.  You can mix and match chips, put in more or less, it's completely up to you.

I took French oak and American oak, and soaked in a small amount of sanitizer and water before adding to my wines


I added about 1 cup into each carboy.  I'm gonna let it age for a month, and then sample again to see if I need to add more.  This is where patience is key!

Thanks for checking out my blog.  If you have any specific questions, I'm here so please reach out!

Cheers!  Glenn :)