Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Aim For The Middle

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I have been an all or nothing person my whole life.

All or nothing...Despite being a mild hit for Milli Vanilli in 1988, the concept is as bad as lip-synching and passing something off as your own.

Let me explain. Time to workout...My schedule has to be clear so that I'm all in and completely dedicated. Something comes up? Oh well, abs are dumb.

Eating right. Counting carbs, calories, watching everything I put into my body. Cheat day becomes cheat week. Oh well, I was on a five week run. Time for Five Guys.

But it's not all negative stuff. I dedicated a year of my life to finishing our basement with my best friend. Every single day, inching closer and closer. All in..and we did it, and now I have lifetime skills I learned and a place to watch movies..because renting out a movie theatre, although only 99 bucks, still seems unsafe.

And I am all in with the relationships that matter to me. I'm all in when I get on a huge work project, thinking creatively and producing things until the job is done. My wife, and my kids, my job, my friends, my faith...ALL


And that nothing got dark. I made excuses. I got mean towards people. I played the blame game. I blamed everyone and everything..The weather, the people around me..always someone else's fault, because it certainly was. And I went down a rabbit hole of negativity, and nothing got accomplished, which made the nothing train continue down the track.

Until I changed my mindset and realized that the middle is where you and I wanna be.

That's right! That glorious Jimmy Eat World anthem has been a Godsend for many reasons. (Stop with the mediocre band references) (Wait, they are middle of the road bands)

All in with your workout and you miss a day? Who cares, you're aiming for a few days a week..Middle of the road.

All in with eating right and Taco Tuesday and Pizza Friday land in the same glorious week? Who cares, there are 5 other days to be awesome.

Aiming to have a perfect relationship so that your Facebook posts actually match what's happening? Then, you get into a dumb argument about how your wife wants Ryan Reynolds more than you? Brush it off, and don't watch Definitely, Maybe.

Shooting for the middle has its advantages. You eliminate the highs and lows that bring incredible joy and incredible sorrow.

Look at it this way:

If you're a wine drinker, not having wine makes you sad. Having too much wine makes you mad, and you forget the names of your kids. Having a glass or two at night, which is the middle? That puts you in the sweet spot . You just hit the ball with your 9 iron.. in the middle, and now your life is headin' towards the green.

By no means am I telling you to be mediocre. Aim for the stars. Be your best, and don't settle for anything or anyone. Extreme highs and lows bring about the same anxiety..But just in case it doesn't work out like it did in your head, you can more easily pick up the pieces..of me

A mediocre song from Ashlee Simpson

Who also lip-synched....And what is she doing today?

All my best as you figure out life and the relationships in it..

XOXO Glenn